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Top ten of 2003
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Top ten of 2003

Musically, the year started out rather slow, but things eventually picked up and I really feel that I came away with a lot of great records. If I had to pick a favorite album of 2003 it would probably be The Strokes’ Room on Fire.

  • The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell
  • The Postal Service – Give up
  • Zwan – Mary Star of the Sea
  • The Strokes – Room on Fire
  • Radiohead – Hail to the Thief
  • The White Stripes – Elephant
  • Ryan Adams – Rock N Roll
  • Our Lady Peace – Live
  • The Jayhawks – Rainy Day Music

Unfortunately, I was not able to see as many movies this year as I would have liked. A few that probably would have ousted others in this list had I seen them are: Angels in America, Spellbound, Thirteen, 21 Grams, Capturing the Friedmans, 28 Days Later, and Bus 174.

  • Lost in Translation
  • American Splendor
  • Mystic River
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Seabiscuit
  • Finding Nemo
  • Bad Santa
  • Old School
  • Return of the King
  • Master and Commander
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