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After spending some time hacking away at Dean Allen’s Refer, I now have a public referrer page. While the initial setup of the script was trivial, it took a while to get the row elements in the order that I wanted and to remove the stuff I didn’t want presented. After I was satisfied with how the table looked, I put the relevant PHP call into an MT template and was ready to go.

I have to say that while the Refer package is very well done, I would have liked to see more configuration options so that I could have spent less time getting things the way I wanted them. Also, Dean, if you’re reading, in the next version could you please include the option to show search terms on the main index page as is done on the queries page (i.e., the search terms are filtered from the URI and presented separately from it)? I’ll probably just go ahead and make the changes myself at some point, but I think it’s something that should be included in future versions of Refer. That said, I can’t find anything else I would change/add to this package and recommend it to anyone looking to create a public (or private) referrers page.

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