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The syndication juggernaut
1 min read

The syndication juggernaut

In a previous post I linked to an RSS feed generator from Apple for its iTunes Music Store. Apple has since gone one step further and added feeds for many other sections of its site. It’s so great to see syndication like this on a site of Apple’s magnitude, just one of many big-name sites in the past few months to add RSS/Atom feeds.

Speaking of syndication, a couple of days ago Yahoo! publicly moved away from Google’s search technology and went back to using its own in-house engine; what’s neat about the search results is that they include both a link for the site’s RSS feed (if available) and a link to add the feed to your My Yahoo! account, which now includes an RSS reader (beta).

Hopefully all of this exposure from big, well-known companies, will start to convince the public that they need syndication, thereby causing a greater demand for other sites to offer feeds.

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