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She's so cute!
1 min read

She's so cute!


Myself and my first love’s three year old daughter, Dylanne, the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet (luckily, the camera’s love for her balances its disdain for yours truly). I spent the last few days at their place in San Luis Obispo, where Ryanne is going to school. It’s about three hours south of Santa Clara and as far south as I’ve been in California. The weather sucked while I was there, but we had a wonderful time despite it. She took me to a great sandwich shop for lunch one day and I was quickly reminded that I need to find something similar here in Silicon Valley. While going to school at UF I was spoiled by Hogan’s; I’m not sure I’ll ever find a sub that good again. I know a lot of people that frequent this site have been here in the valley for a few years and I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me any sandwich shop recommendations you might have (preferably in Santa Clara).

Yes, I realize that the topics in this post are a little disjointed, but I’m tired and am not going to fight it. Good night.  🙂

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