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Quicksilver iTunes plugin
1 min read

Quicksilver iTunes plugin

I just wanted to make sure all you Quicksilver users out there were aware of the ability, through the iTunes plugin, for you to have the name of the artist, the song name, and the album art displayed on top of whatever you’re doing each time a new track starts. I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant this is for someone like me. I often put all of the albums on shuffle and I like to know the name of the song and the artist as soon as I cut to the next track (using Quicksilver of course) without having to bring iTunes to the forefront.

Before this plugin I used iTunes Track, which is actually quite nice and provides customizable transparency levels and the ability to specify both the size and color of the display window. Until just recently though, it failed to update the song information unless you used iTunes Track itself to change the song. That’s since been fixed and you can now set the rate at which you want it to update, but the software still doesn’t display the album art. The iTunes plugin for Quicksilver handles this wonderfully by displaying the album art on top of the artist and song name in the middle of your screen for approximately two seconds each time a new song begins playing. Couple this plugin with Fetch Art (an AppleScript that connects to Amazon and pulls down the album art for every song in your collection) and you’re set.

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