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Send multiple SMS/MMS on Windows Mobile?
1 min read

Send multiple SMS/MMS on Windows Mobile?

UPDATE: A reader pointed me to the MoDaCo forums where I stumbled across this post that links to a program called SmartSMS, which kind of does what I want, but not really. It allows you to create lists of people to whom you want to send SMS messages, but it doesn’t let you choose these people on-the-fly; in other words, it doesn’t let me do what I describe below, but it’s still useful.

Does anyone know of a quick way to select multiple SMS/MMS recipients (instead of having to insert each contact individually) under Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones (2nd edition)? I’m fairly certain this can’t be done through the OS itself and so I’m assuming some third-party software will be required (this is fine).

Symbian Series 60 implements this perfectly. When composing an SMS/MMS it presents your contact list and allows you to check off those whom you want to receive the message. Then, after you’ve chosen those recipients, it walks you through all of them and if a contact has more than one number it presents you with those numbers and lets you choose which to use. The entire process is very fluid and you get the sense that there isn’t a more efficient way to go about it. Indeed, I couldn’t come up with a faster method (though the ability to specify a default message number would obviate the need to choose which number to use).

I’m asking about this because, as I mentioned here, I picked up a Motorola MPx220 a couple of weeks ago, but have since sold it and grabbed an i-mate SP3i (which also runs Windows Mobile). Expect a ‘review’ as soon as time permits — it’s an amazing device.

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