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Apple iPod nano
1 min read

Apple iPod nano

Just when I thought I would never buy another iPod (pipe dreams, I know), Apple drops the most badass digital music player ever, the iPod nano. Let’s be honest, when Apple comes out with a device called nano they’re pretty much guaranteeing a purchase from me. Sadly, I’m told there won’t be any in Silicon Valley until the weekend, but you can bet I’ll be first in line when they arrive.

While I’d like to say that I’m going to ‘review’ it, it’s highly unlikely; all that really needs to be said about it is that it’s an incredibly tiny, full-featured iPod without the hard drive. Have you seen it?!?

UPDATE:Valley Fair got a ton of them this morning and I picked one up earlier today. If you think it’s impressive online, just wait until you see it in person. They were flying out the door; everyone in line had at least one and I saw one guy with five.

Motorola ROCKR

This entry originally included a very long rant concerning the Motorola ROCKR, the first iTunes mobile phone and the other big announcement from Apple yesterday, but after reading it a few times I realized that I sounded a bit like a gadget elitist (surprise!) and so I digress. Let’s just say that it’s strikingly underwhelming both as a mobile phone and as a music player.

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