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Smart Archives v1.1
1 min read

Smart Archives v1.1

There are two major changes to Smart Archives in this version:


Some users had reported to me that their new posts weren’t being immediately processed by Smart Archives and sometimes took a few hours to show up. Given the very limited number of people that e-mailed me about this, I know that the problem wasn’t very widespread and seemed to affect only a very specific server setup, but either way, I think I’ve come up with a solution.


The major aesthetic change I made was to have the top block completely filled in, which you can now see on my archives page (where you’ll notice that some of the months are grey and not hyperlinked). I made this change because of the fact that months on the bottom row were not lining up with those on the row above it (unless, of course, your very first weblog post was in January and you haven’t missed a month since).

Obviously, this can be undone by removing a single line from the plugin code or by masking the text with CSS. If you’d like to go the code route, simply change this:

else {echo('<span class=emptymonth>'.$sm.'</span> '.n);}

to this:

// else {echo('<span class=emptymonth>'.$sm.'</span> '.n);}

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