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Revamped gadgets page
1 min read

Revamped gadgets page

I’ve finally updated the gadgets page to comport with the last few months’ purchases. I really loathe updating that page, but it must be done (right?).

I keep hoping for some all-encompassing gadget encyclopedia that I can link the products to so that their technical information can be found there instead of on my site, but I’m becoming more and more certain that that will never happen. Something like Console Database would be great.


You’ll notice a much more streamlined look on the page. Because the list was becoming a bit unwieldily, I whipped up some JavaScript voodoo to highlight a single gadget at a time — clicking on the + next to a name will show you that gadget’s specifications.


I know some of you have often pondered the purpose of this page (it’s actually served many different roles over the course of its lifetime), and I think the explanation currently found in its side menu sums it up nicely:

If I were a gangsta rapper, this is the page where I’d detail all of the shots I’d taken. Instant street cred. It’s basically just a list of some of the toys I’ve purchased over the years.

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