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Yet another post about the photoblog
2 min read

Yet another post about the photoblog

As I’ve discussed here a lot lately, I’ve been on the cusp of debuting a photoblog for a while now and am glad to say that the wait is almost over. After determining what would be needed to integrate (but still keep separate) such a thing within my current CMS and coming up with a process to get thumbnails how I wanted them, I still wasn’t convinced that that was the way to go and have really been struggling with which route to take.

I’ve since decided that a separate container for the photos is really the only appropriate way to do this thing right and so I’m going use Pixelpost for the job. I’ve made this decision many times in the last few days only to second-guess myself at the last second, but this time it’s final — I’m launching the site tomorrow. It’s funny, after all the consternation and time spent thinking about this, it seems so obvious to me as I write this post that using a separate system is the only way to go.

I know some of you couldn’t care less about this debate I’ve been having with myself, but it’s hard for me to move forward on something like this unless I know there is an escape route for the future. While I’m still a bit iffy about using Pixelpost, and will probably lose sleep thinking about how five years from now I might be struggling with a way to export the then no-longer-updated Pixelpost data into something else, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and run with it. I figure Pixelpost is the most popular photoblog software in the world and so someone1 will probably work out a way to export it into other things if and when such time comes that it’s no longer maintained (even if that someone is me :).

It’s all in my head

I apologize to those who wrote in (quite a few of you actually) asking me to do a full write-up on the integrated-into-WordPress solution I worked out. Though I’ve decided not to go in that direction, I have the whole thing mapped out in my head and am perfectly willing to help you out if you think you might want to give it a try. Hell, I may even write the whole thing out here anyway. We’ll see. In any event, don’t hesitate to send over questions if you have them.

Indeed, as I mentioned about a month ago, the upcoming pixyBlog software will allow you to import from Pixelpost.

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