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Another day, another iPod
1 min read

Another day, another iPod

So, I purchased my 8th iPod a few days ago. What’s wrong with me? Oh, that’s right, I’ve a voracious gadget appetite that will likely never be satiated.

This time I’ve gone with the brand-new 8GB (PRODUCT)RED nano. Speaking of the (RED) campaign, can anyone tell me why American Express has yet to offer (RED) cards to us Americans (for whatever reason, they’ve only been available in the UK since launch)?

In any event, I’m loving the new gizmo and absolutely do not plan on buying another iPod until the [real] video models debut, likely at the beginning of the year.

The real impetus behind buying this latest model was that I felt it was the first iPod I could use naked (i.e., without any sort of protection). It’s no secret that Apple’s music players have always been a bit fragile and that some of us have gone to great lengths to ensure their scratch-free survival. Now that Apple’s finally moved away from the plastic tops and toward this all-aluminum enclosure, I’m hoping that the device will be a little more resilient to basic, everyday use. I wonder if the rest of the line will eventually get the same treatment.

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