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Who do you read?
1 min read

Who do you read?

Why do I ask? Because you no longer list that information on your site. It used to be common practice on personal sites to list those sites frequented by the author (my list), but over the last few years this convention has waned and it’s now pretty rare to see such a list.

I always enjoy seeking out new, interesting sites to add to my daily routine, and it used to be that the best way to do that was to look at the list of sites suggested/pushed by those I already read. These days however, the only way I seem to find new sites is through via links, or similar. It’s all a bit more organic now, which is fine, but sometimes I just like to flick through all the sites enjoyed by a particular author.

What makes the increasing paucity of these lists infinitely more frustrating is the ease with which they can be maintained. For example, I currently use Google Reader for feed aggregation and perusal, but still perpetuate my Bloglines account so that I can use its blogroll feature to publicly share my feed list. When I add a new feed to Google Reader, I also add it to Bloglines (if it’s a site I don’t put in my personal or non-public folders), and the rest is done automagically.

Going forward, I think there should be some sort of unspoken rule that bloggers publish their feed lists at a pre-determined URI (e.g., /blogroll); that way, authors who don’t want to link to it don’t have to, but others who want the information can still find it.

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