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Dear Twitterer, I read your weblog
1 min read

Dear Twitterer, I read your weblog

For whatever reason, it’s suddenly become common to draft a tweet linking to just-published weblog entries. This practice makes me crazy, because if you’re following someone on Twitter, you’re obviously also following their site — that’s how you found out about their Twitter account in the first place!

In case you haven’t made the logical leap, these discourteous time-thiefs hit us twice with a notice that they’ve just added new content to their site. We’ll see your latest post in our news aggregators — we don’t need to see it in Twitter too! Sure, your admiring public will be in the dark for an hour (or less), but I promise they’ll make do.

Unless you’re warning me of imminent physical danger, please refrain from telling me about it more than once.

I realize that Twitter’s what are you doing? inducement fell away almost immediately and that the service is now used predominantly to communicate random, immediate, and ephemeral thoughts, but that doesn’t mean it need also be an extension of your weblog feed!

Please respect my time. 😉

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