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Smart Archives v1.9.2
1 min read

Smart Archives v1.9.2

There are two main fixes in this release. The first has to do with trailing slashes in URIs. Up until this point I had been kind of forcing my aesthetic preference onto users of the plugin by manually chopping off their permalinks’ trailing slashes (if they didn’t do it on their own). However, this posed a problem for those that insisted on using a non-future-proof URI structure (e.g., ?p=129), among other, fairly uncommon setups.

Also, it seems WP is now a bit smarter regarding the URI structures defined by users (at least that is what users of the plugin have told me). In light of these issues, I decided to remove altogether the code that nixes trailing slashes; if you want/need it going forward and you can’t figure out a way to get WordPress to automatically build it into your permalinks, please e-mail me and I’ll explain how to do it.

Another issue brought up by SA users was that some posts weren’t always showing up in the order they were posted (within their respective months). Turns out, this was due to changes I made some time ago (for reasons I can’t remember now), but it seems the changes are no longer needed with WP v2.3+.

Have at it.

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