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Bookmark tweets from within Twitter's iOS apps
1 min read

Bookmark tweets from within Twitter's iOS apps

A few days ago I tweeted the following: Twitter, please, either let us Instapaper tweets with the official clients, or give us private favorites.

It’s odd to me that Twitter doesn’t offer a way to privately bookmark tweets. I want that sort of functionality because I don’t always care to reply to someone right away, or want to hold off on retweeting something until some future date. (Twittelator, for example, lets you Instapaper tweets; in fact, it also lets you save tweets to the app itself.)

Karan Varindani replied to my tweet with a great idea: choose Mail Tweet and send it to your Instapaper email address. (You can find your address here.) I created a contact named IP, and gave it my Instapaper email address; the tweet-saving process now takes just seven taps.

It’s a simple stopgap that I can’t believe I didn’t think of myself.

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