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An OS X Service for saving to Pocket
1 min read

An OS X Service for saving to Pocket

A few days ago on Twitter I asked if anyone had seen or created a save-to-Pocket OS X Service (so that I could save a link from inside any application), and I wondered aloud if I’d have to create it myself. Just as I was thinking all hope was lost, Twitter user, @prenagha, wrote me to tell me that the Service I’d been lusting after gets installed with Pocket’s Mac app—it was already on my system!

Of course my first thought was that this person was wrong, and didn’t quite understand what I meant by “OS X Service”, but then once I got back in front of my Mac I wandered over to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, and there it was staring me right in the face. Works like a charm.

(I typed this up for all you future searchers, as this wasn’t immediately obvious to me and a quick browse of Pocket’s site makes me think they make no mention of it there.)

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