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Omnifocus syncing with Box
1 min read

Omnifocus syncing with Box

A couple of years ago I outlined my frustration regarding the dearth of secure syncing options for Omnifocus, and offered a solution in the way of a company called CloudSafe, which provides WebDAV syncing that encrypts the data both in transit and at rest.

Lately my syncs have been timing out, or returning malformed data that Omnifocus couldn’t read. This seemed to happen more often at work than at home, but it was always incredibly frustrating—sometimes a full day would go by without a successful sync while at the office.

Fast-forward to earlier this week when I had just about had it with the timeouts, and started looking for another solution. I knew from my previous research into this that very few companies offered a fully-secure WebDAV service, but I was hoping at least one more had popped up in the interim.

The company I work for uses Box a fair amount (which encrypts everywhere) and on a whim I started digging into their documentation to see if they offered a WebDAV service, and, well, they do! Not only that, but I’m pretty sure it’s available to users of the “Personal” (read: free) plan. (I can’t confirm this because I’m using my corporate plan, but I’ve seen nothing that makes me think otherwise. Worst case, I suspect WebDAV is available with the $5/month plan.)

I set it up a few days ago and my syncs have been smooth sailing—fast and error-free.

(And yes, this was just a very long-winded way of saying that Box has a secure WebDAV option. You’re right, I probably should have just tweeted it.)

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