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Back to The Hit List
1 min read

Back to The Hit List

Long story, very, very short—I’ve started using The Hit List again. The what?! Yeah, the same THL whose developer I was so upset with in 2011, because he kind of fell off the face of the earth, and development lagged and lagged and lagged. He eventually sold the app to Karelia Software, which has kept a steady development pace ever since.

My big issue with THL is that though it offers a crazy-fast sync service, it doesn’t encrypt your data at rest (what year is it?), and so it’s not something I can use. If you’re following along, that means I’m running THL only on my iPhone 6 Plus. (Semi-related: I like the iOS icon.)

Not being able to enter tasks from my Mac is annoying, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Truth is, I do so much of my job these days from my phone, that it’s rarely even out of my hands anymore. Will I tire of the inability to enter tasks from anywhere other than my phone? Maybe, but I am really enjoying using THL again, and after installing it, I quickly remembered why it always was my favorite task management app.

If I do end up sticking with this iPhone-only approach, I’ll be able to futz around with all of the other task management apps that don’t offer secure syncing, e.g., Things, Todoist…basically everything butOmniFocus.

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