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From the Razer Boomslang to the Zowie FK2
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From the Razer Boomslang to the Zowie FK2

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted that I needed new mice. I had been using a Razer Diamondback 3G for the last eight years, and other Razer mice before then, including the original Boomslang. They stopped selling the Diamondback 3G a number of years ago, but I just kept buying them off of eBay. They’re very difficult to find (new) these days, and while the three I have work perfectly fine, they’re disgusting and probably can’t be properly cleaned at this point.

One of the first responses I got to the tweet mentioned above was from Twitter follower @crspence, who implored me to get a Zowie FK1. A what?! I thought for sure it was bullshit because of the name alone. I haven’t been deep into PC gaming for about 15 years, and so I had never even heard of the company. I did a little research and realized they were legit and used by lots of pro gamers.

After looking at their models I quickly decided on the FK2, because it’s basically the FK1 (the one that was recommended), but ambidextrous, which means it’s symmetrical (and with my “claw grip” I only use symmetrical mice ;). The FK models are similar to the Diamondback 3G in the sense that they’re relatively small, and their tracking is perfect and configurable, as is the polling rate.

I swear, I’ve tried nearly every mouse on the planet and something always felt weird with the tracking (especially Bluetooth mice), and often my hand would cramp up after lengthy use. I used the FK2 for just half a day before I ordered two more—one for work and, of course, a backup. I’ll likely order a couple more at some point. I mean, I do plan on using these until at least 2030. 😉

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