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I’ve never cooked
2 min read

I’ve never cooked

I have ZERO desire or compulsion to cook and don’t think I ever will

I’m 36 years old and have never cooked a meal. Do I say that sheepishly? Sort of, but not really. I mean, here I am volunteering it to the world. Do you know anyone like me? You probably didn’t a decade ago, but I suspect you do now, and likely will know plenty more in the next decade.

Is it strange that I’ve never cooked? Of course. I mean, I’m a human being, and cooking is one of the things that helped us unlock from foods the energy necessary to feed and grow our massive brains. Cooking is human. That said, I think it’s safe to say that not cooking won’t be seen as too weird too far into the future. It gets more normal every day. Heard of Soylent? (Is there any wave I’m not in front of? 😜)

I eat out nearly every night or someone makes dinner for me. Sometimes it’s healthy, often it’s not, but it’s rarely not delicious, and requires almost no time or energy from me, apart from working hard in an effort to enable this lifestyle.

No one cooks, no one works, everyone drinks

That’s one of my favorite refrains of late, and something that just seems to get truer by the day here in Silicon Valley. We’re all working at coffee shops, bars, etc. — though often it doesn’t look like work — and eating whatever is available (or having anything delivered to us on demand, even while out at these places). It’s basically like high school, except I don’t actually have to go anywhere to get anything, and there aren’t any cheerleaders.

Some people enjoy cooking

I’m very aware that some people take great pleasure in cooking. It’s relaxing for them. It touches on something primal that makes them feel good about producing something — sustenance — especially when cooking for others. My dad loves to cook and he’s great at it. He takes great pride in it. I don’t have that gene. I’d just as soon walk down the street and pay someone to cook for me; almost always the experience is fast, pleasant, delicious, and efficient (I can spend nearly all of that time reading, talking, working, etc.).

Will I chop a vegetable every now and again because I like playing with knives? Sure. But I’ve no desire to take the next step and am not sure I ever will. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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