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Your kids will hate you for birthing them as only human
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Your kids will hate you for birthing them as only human

We’re not the end all be all and you aren’t special

The time is coming, not too many generations from now, when your kids will want to be born with “magical” powers, and without them they will struggle in society. Being a muggle will no longer cut it.

Obviously I don’t mean “magical” literally, and I also don’t mean to say that we will start birthing robots or half-machines any time soon, but if you don’t have the means to augment your progeny’s cognitive capabilities they will be at a disadvantage.

Will you be able to afford to edit your unborn kid’s genes? What about expensive nootropics? Brain implants? Infinite access to your own quantum computer?

The emerging and inevitable superintelligence won’t be enjoyed by everyone. In other words, evolution will leave some behind, as it always does. As it must. What that is going to look like can’t be known for certain, but it seems more and more likely that only x percentage of the population will be involved in the transition, and fewer still will survive it and come out the other side.

Single-celled organisms → multi-celled organisms → prehistoric fish and sharks → tetrapods → amphibians → reptiles → birds → mammals → primates → anatomically-modern humans → behaviorally-modern humans → massive brains + $$$ + science + unlimited computing power → ???

Humans are not the end of this. They’re barely the beginning.

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