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Links for 2020-12-06
1 min read

Links for 2020-12-06

  1. Cultured meat has been approved for consumers for the first time [MIT Technology Review]
  2. My hunt for the original McDonald’s french-fry recipe. A very enjoyable read. [Atlas Obscura]
  3. Why we are underestimating Zoom & its impact? Spot-on. [Om Malik]
  4. This is the most precise map of the Milky Way’s stars ever made [MIT Technology Review]
  5. Top 10 emerging technologies of 2020 [Scientific American]
  6. This robot can freestyle rap [Scientific American]
  7. A new theorem maps out the limits of quantum physics. “The result highlights a fundamental tension: Either the rules of quantum mechanics don’t always apply, or at least one basic assumption about reality must be wrong.” [Quanta Magazine]
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