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Links for 2020-12-01
1 min read

Links for 2020-12-01

  1. I should have loved biology. Brilliant. I wish I wrote it. [James Somers]
  2. Why scientists are so hyped about DeepMind’s protein-folding AI. “The solution presented by DeepMind has transformative potential for medicine and biological research, achieving in days what would normally take years (and millions of dollars’ worth) of hard work.” [Input]
  3. The modern world has finally become too complex for any of us to understand [OneZero / Medium]
  4. The code that controls your money [Wealthsimple Magazine]
  5. GPT-3 has learned to code. “He fed the system a simple description of a smartphone app, and the computer code needed to create the app. The description was in plain English. The code was built inside Figma…He did this a few more times, feeding the system several more English-language descriptions alongside the matching Figma code. And when he was done, GPT-3 could write such code on its own. If he described a simple app for posting and viewing photos as a user would on Instagram, the system generated the code needed to build it. This code was sometimes flawed. But typically, if Mr. Singer made just a tweak or two, it worked as he wanted.” [Cade Metz / New York Times]
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