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Links for 2021-01-18
1 min read

Links for 2021-01-18

  1. What does RISC and CISC mean in 2020? [Erik Engheim / Medium]
  2. Jellyfish build walls of water to swim around the ocean. "Scientists have found that through their pulsing gelatinous undulations, at least one species of jellyfish creates vortices that rotate in opposite directions. Where flows of the two vortices meet, the collision creates a region when the water is stationary — in effect, creating a wall that the jellyfish use to push off." [Kenneth Chang / New York Times]
  3. Scientists think the multiverse might be the key to explaining dark matter [Becky Ferreira / VICE]
  4. What Parler saw during the attack on the Capitol. This is one of the most impressive chronological assimilations of data I’ve ever seen; it’s unfortunate that it captures one of the darkest days in our country’s history. Absolutely brilliant, and terrifying. [ProPublica]
  5. A new map of all the fundamental particles and forces. Just FANTASTIC. [Quanta Magazine]
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