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Links for 2021-01-10
1 min read

Links for 2021-01-10

  1. There are an insane amount of cool space things happening in 2021 [Ars Technica]
  2. Scientists reinvent the atomic clock, making it far more accurate. "Now, none of this is to say that modern atomic clocks aren’t good. In fact, the researchers note that if you started a modern atomic clock at the beginning of the universe’s birth — an estimated 13.8 billion years ago — and ran it through until today, it would only be about a half-second off. However, if that same clock used entangled atoms like MIT’s new model, it would be less than 100 milliseconds off, which is obviously a huge improvement." [BGR]
  3. Can objects bruise like we do? [Cosmos Magazine]
  4. Fermilab and partners achieve sustained, high-fidelity quantum teleportation. “[T]he team presents for the first time a demonstration of a sustained, long-distance (44 kilometers of fiber) teleportation of qubits of photons (quanta of light) with fidelity greater than 90%. " [Fermilab]
  5. A new way to plug a human brain into a computer: via veins [Wired]
  6. Now we know why platypus are so weird—their genes are part bird, reptile, and mammal [ScienceAlert]
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