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Links for 2021-03-24
1 min read

Links for 2021-03-24

  1. An IBM AI debates humans—but it’s not yet the deep blue of oratory [Brett Stetka / Scientific American]
  2. Scientists grew tiny tear glands in a dish—then made them cry [Heidi Ledford / Scientifc American]
  3. Revealed: seafood fraud happening on a vast global scale. "[An] analysis of 44 recent studies of more than 9,000 seafood samples from restaurants, fishmongers and supermarkets in more than 30 countries found that 36% were mislabelled, exposing seafood fraud on a vast global scale. [...] Fish fraud has long been a known problem worldwide. Because seafood is among the most internationally traded food commodities, often through complex and opaque supply chains, it is highly vulnerable to mislabelling." [Stephen Leahy / The Guardian]
  4. Why retro-looking games get so much love [Anne McCarthy / Wired]
  5. 14-string guitar in action. The fuck? [Rob Beschizza / Boing Boing]
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