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Links for 2021-03-29
1 min read

Links for 2021-03-29

  1. Camera autofocus systems explained: Phase, Contrast, Hybrid, DFD [Michael Zhang / Petapixel]
  2. Watch Albert Einstein explain his theory of relativity in historic footage [Michele Debczak / Mental Floss]
  3. Wormholes open for transport [Michael Schirber / Physics]
  4. Is the mathematical world real? "The act of doing mathematics actually encourages a kind of dual philosophical perspective, where math is treated as both invented and discovered. [...] The objects of study are precisely defined, but they take on a life of their own, revealing unexpected complexity. The process of mathematics therefore seems to require that mathematical objects be simultaneously viewed as real and invented—as objects with concrete, discoverable properties and as easily manipulable inventions of mind.” [Kelsey Houston-Edwards / Scientific American]
  5. Who's the Mason of Mason jar fame? [Jake Rossen / Mental Floss]
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