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Links for 2021-05-07
1 min read

Links for 2021-05-07

  1. Mighty. “Built for speed, Mighty streams your browser from a powerful computer in the cloud.” Though not at all a new idea, I think we finally have the tech in place (especially low-latency bandwidth) to make it viable. This could end up being super disruptive and may eventually supplant app stores altogether. Also, this could turn out to be a sea change for folks in developing countries that have access to decent bandwidth, but are stuck with slow/old hardware.
  2. Typing on this vintage Japanese typewriter looks like a lot of work. I’d kill myself.
  3. A wild experiment just got us closer to exploring extra dimensions. "A team of researchers based in Vienna, Austria, demonstrated gravitational coupling between two gold spheres that measured about two millimeters across, about the size of sand grains, which represents “the smallest single object whose gravitational field has been measured."
  4. The Art of Mathematics in Chalk. “Even when it is inscrutable, math is beautiful. Photographer Jessica Wynne set out to capture this appeal when she began photographing mathematicians' chalkboards around the world…”
  5. List of company name etymologies. I of course have to read through the entire list. 🥴
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