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Links for 2021-04-11
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Links for 2021-04-11

  1. Ghost stars: the radical theory that could solve the mystery of dark matter. "A boson is a subatomic particle that carries a force. The photon, for example, is a boson that carries the electromagnetic force. A dark boson, so the theory goes, could either be dark matter itself or at the very least be responsible for the way dark matter interacts with ordinary matter. If the XENON1T signal stands up to further scrutiny – and the other more mundane explanations can be excluded – it could be the first sign that dark bosons are indeed out there." [Colin Stuart / Science Focus]
  2. U.S. A step closer to having research program to study blocking sun. "The new report…chronicles three of the most common ideas to hack the sky, which includes injecting tiny reflective particles into the stratosphere, brighten marine clouds also using tiny particles, and thinning cirrus clouds." [Brian Kahn / Gizmodo]
  3. I think beethoven encoded his deafness in his music. "He learned to create music without sound, however reluctantly. While he increasingly withdrew from society and disliked talking about his disability, he left us a living document of his hearing loss in transition likely starting with music written in his mid to late 20s, when his hearing began to fade. In other words, I think he encoded his deafness in music. And as I say, the progression in his music is not a perfectly linear one, just as his progression through deafness was likely not perfectly linear, but the journey is there. Unmistakably." [Gabriela Frank / New York Times]
  4. Scientists implant and then reverse false memories in people [Sofia Quaglia / Gizmodo]
  5. Emojify. "Artificial intelligence designed to read your inner feelings..." [Dovetail Labs]
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