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Quick Links for Monday, May 22
1 min read

Quick Links for Monday, May 22

I finished Andrew Knoll’s A Brief History of Earth: Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters (✭✭✭✭✫) []

Wendy’s is testing a new food delivery system that “will have robots travel through tunnels to transport online food orders from Wendy’s kitchens to the ‘Instant Pickup portals’ that sit beside parking spaces.” Obviously awesome, but the best part about this story is that the company they’re partnering with is named “Pipedream”. Brilliant. []

Orcas are working together to sink boats. “Scientists think a traumatized orca initiated the assault on boats after a 'critical moment of agony' and that the behavior is spreading among the population through social learning.” []

New York City is sinking 1-2mm/year because of the weight of its skyscrapers. [] “is a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult.”

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