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Quick Links for Sunday, June 11
1 min read

Quick Links for Sunday, June 11


Photographer captures Christ the Redeemer holding the moon. Wow.

A day in the life of a woke third-grade teacher, as imagined by a far-right politician. Absolutely fucking brilliant. “We end the day with five minutes of mindfulness, a.k.a. a nod to New Age Wiccan Pagan anti-Christian practices. During this time, Muslim students are allowed to pray, and atheist students can play with Legos. Christian students are persecuted.”

Who invented music? The search for stone flutes, clay whistles and the dawn of song.

New soft “electronic skin” mimics the same process that causes fingers and limbs to move when poked or scalded. The sensor converts physical changes—such as pressure or changes in temperature—into electrical pulses, which are then relayed to the brain through an artificial synapse.

Watch a page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS. “This page performs a live, annotated https request for its own source.”

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