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New ideas for this site
2 min read

New ideas for this site

I’ve got a slew of new ideas I want to implemenent here, but I’m not sure I’ll ever find the time to bring them to fruition. Isn’t it always the case that as soon as I think I’m all caught up with changing things around I end up turning the whole mess on its head and putting the pieces back together from scratch? At some point I’m going to have to learn to leave well enough alone. Fat chance! :


One thing I’d really like to do is move back to a single-column layout (Jason Zada was one of the first I saw pull it off really well; more recently, Binary Bonsai has been coming together quite nicely). As you guys well know, I love the guise of simplicity and I think the single-column layout goes far to accomplish that. The problem though, is that I now offer a decent amount of stuff in the side column relative to the content in the main column, and while I could put all of this at the bottom, I’m not sure it would work well there, and random passersby would surely miss it.


I’ve been wanting to do a tour page for a long time (after first being inspired by kottke’s), but have just never gotten around to it. The basic premise is to let those who know nothing about me and what I like to write about here get a quick idea of who I am and what this site is all about. Look for this sometime soon.

Projects and How-Tos

I’m currently working on ways to organize, and more importantly, present, the various projects I’ve released and how-to posts I’ve authored. The projects are easy because [usually] each of them has its own dedicated page; it’s the how-tos that are a bit more difficult because I have to go through and tag those posts as such, which is going to be both time-consuming and boring.


I really want to come up with a default naming scheme for the pictures I post here because I hate having to come up with titles for them. Were I just posting them to Flickr I would simply leave the title as the number of the picture (as defined by the camera), but for likeIy obvious reasons I feel a need to give them somewhat descriptive titles when I put them on the weblog, and, like I said, I’m tired of that.

I almost want to do something as boring as Canon 20D [# of picture] — simple, mindless, and future-proof.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears, or eyes, or whatever.

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