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Smart Archives v1.12
1 min read

Smart Archives v1.12

A couple of people have written to me about a second Dec showing up on some lines in the first Smart Archives block. Because I see nothing like this in my implementation, I struck up the first e-mail to a beginner’s ignorance, but after I got the second I realized that something was off (kind of like the problem a small minority of people were having with v1.01; again, something I wasn’t seeing in my implementation).

The good news is that I’ve fixed the problem and v1.12 can now be downloaded from the project page. The bad news is that I’m still not sure why it’s occurring. If/when I finally nail down the reason I’ll likely release another version that’s more than just a band-aid solution.

If your v1.1 implementation is working fine (99% are), then there is no reason to download this fix, however, if you insist on running the latest and greatest, this new version shouldn’t hurt anything (I’m currently running it myself).

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