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I'm not dead
1 min read

I'm not dead

I’ve obviously been a little delinquent in updating this site for the last month or so, but I can assure you that my dereliction wasn’t for want of desire or something to say. To put it quite simply, I’m busy, and still adjusting to ‘real-world’ life as a first-year associate at a prominent IP firm.

There are a billion and one things I want to write about these days, hell, there a billion and one things I want to write about regarding the things I want to write about (e.g., Apple’s upcoming iPhone, which I portended, to much resistance, more than two years ago; the Pearl1 I just purchased; how I love my new office speakers so much that I’m probably going to buy another pair for my apartment; etc.), but time hates me and I can’t seem to get her back on my side.

Everything about my life is rushed lately. Everything. This post included. To be honest, it’s kind of always been that way, but never to this extent; never to the point where I’ve had to find so many backburners to keep all these neglected interests, people, and thoughts alive. Don’t get me wrong, I relish the chaos and thoroughly enjoy sifting the signals from the noise — it’s what I do best — but the number of things I’m currently attempting to juggle is ridiculous and I fear that at some point I’m just going to have to cry uncle.

The only constant anymore is the fact that the job comes first. Period. Unfortunately, that means a lot of my other interests are receiving much less of my time than they have been given in the past. I’ll eventually find a balance, but until then, the myriad pots I’ve my hands in will likely continue to suffer from inattention.

On a completely unrelated and unimportant note, Ari, from HBO’s Entourage, is my new favorite TV character.

Briefly, I’m in love with the form-factor and actually don’t mind SureType, and may even hold out for an HSDPA model, even if the 8800-series (the successor to my previous 8700c), which will likely be out well before the next iteration of the Pearl, has HSDPA.

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