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Wasted words
1 min read

Wasted words

There’s nothing like losing a few hours of your life to writing about a solution for something you later realize is a non-issue. I’m referring to my documenting the recent move I made from iView MediaPro to Aperture¹ (I was putting together something similar to From iPhoto to iView MediaPro), and the hoops I jumped through to make it happen.

Turns out that all of my effort was ultimately for naught (or, more accurately, just wasn’t needed), because limitations that I thought were inherent in Annoture, were, in fact, non-existent. And just like that, a 2500-word post decayed into this admonishment. Had I read the readme file I wouldn’t have wasted half a day preparing my collection for the move; I could have simply run the app and walked away. Moreover, I wouldn’t have wasted the other half of the day coming up with a solution and drafting a post explaining both how it worked and why I thought it was needed.

Lesson: don’t always assume so much.

  1. I should point out that I had no real desire to move to Aperture, but instead wanted to get everything into Lightroom, Adobe’s latest photo-everything tool. However, I couldn’t find a semi-automated way of making that transition, and so Aperture became the bridge (pardon the horrible pun) between the two.

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