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Media Temple, a month on
1 min read

Media Temple, a month on

I’ve had my Media Temple account for about a month now and am really happy to say that I’ve nothing to complain about — not sure I can give a better recommendation than that. As most of you know, I made the transition from Dreamhost, one of the largest and most popular web hosts in the world, and the decision wasn’t a light one; DreamHost’s referral program is second to none and I made a decent amount of money while being hosted there (though nothing like Mike’s astronomical numbers).

That said, things weren’t always rosy and their semi-recent security breach finally forced me to think seriously about an exit strategy. MT had been on my radar for a while, mainly because they were already hosting a lot of the people I follow online, and everyone had good things to say about them. I wish I could comment on the knowledge and speed of their tech-support, but I’ve yet to have to call on them; within a few hours of moving everything over to MT and making the DNS changes, my site was up and running and has been sailing smoothly ever since.

I’ll surely update this post (or write a new one) should I come up with anything to complain about, but if the status quo is maintained going forward, I’m afraid I’m going to have to look elsewhere for writing inspiration.

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