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Quick subscribe
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Quick subscribe

While this little site announcement is probably lost on this crowd (i.e., the crowd that already reads this site), I still thought I’d mention it as I’ve long made it a habit to write about the updates I make to this site, no matter how trivial.

I’m now sniffing referrers and looking for those readers sent from the big search engines (65% of my traffic), namely Google and Yahoo!, and changing slightly the posts they request (I used to do something similar when I showed Google AdSense ads on this site, but the implementation of this is a little different).

For individual archive pages, I’ve added a new section — quick subscribe — to the bottom of each post, which provides one-click subscriptions for the top five web-based aggregators used by my readership (i.e., Google Reader, Bloglines, NewsGator, Rojo, and Netvibes). I get that information by screen-scraping my FeedBurner analyze page once a week (though I’ll likely soon abandon this process and just set the links manually as it’s not really worth the effort).

The logic behind the addition is that if someone finds my site through a search and ends up reading all of the requested post, [s]he may be more apt to subscribe to the site, especially if, at the end of the post, [s]he’s offered a super-simple way of doing just that (and without those horribly tacky buttons :).

We’ll see how it goes.

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