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The new gadgets page
1 min read

The new gadgets page

A few weeks ago I linked to my new gadgets page (really it’s nothing more than a widget) on Twitter and figured I probably should do so here given that the original gadgets page played such a prominent role on this site, albeit some time ago. The truth is, it became a rather large chore to continuously update the page, and once I decided I wanted it to encompass more than just phones and PDAs, it was clear that the page would be all but impossible to maintain. (I buy tons of gadgets and was cataloging each of their technical specifications; it was total insanity.)

Enter GDGT. When I first got wind of the site my immediate thought was, Woah! Hopefully I finally can ‘outsource’ the gadgets page to someone else, and take advantage of thousands of others who, collectively, have the time to punch in all of the critical data for each device. Fortunately, the site/service turned out to be exactly that, and from here on out it’s where I’m keeping track of all this stuff.

Their database already contains a large portion of my older gear (but not everything; for example, it’s missing nine mobile phones of mine, which I may add myself at some point), and newer gadgets almost always are there when I go looking for them. The best part about the whole system is that adding a device to my have, had or want list takes just two clicks, which is infinitely easier than what I was doing before when I was trying to keep up with everything myself (including pictures!).

(I realize all of this means little to most, but in the off-chance you’re interested in what hardware I’m currently using or have used in the past, the new page should sate you. Please try to contain your excitement.)

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